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At HANDFINGER PRESS LLC our mission is to make every door safer and more secure by pioneering control, versatility, and access through our smart locks and property tech cloud services.

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HANDFINGER PRESS LLC is based on electronic lock systems from the world's best manufacturers such as: SAMSUNG, IREVO GATEMAN, H-GANG, EVERNET, UNITOUCH HILEVER, MILRE, KEYU, TITAN - which are world leaders in the production of security systems for doors. The company is engaged in the supply, maintenance and installation of these types of security systems, consulting, warranty and technical support.

Today the company manufactures the world's most advanced smart locks and property tech cloud services enabling unprecedented door access capabilities for homeowners, smart rentals, builder/developers, and smart hotels.We may not have invented the smart lock itself, but we are perfecting it with cutting-edge features such as our patented PIN Genie® technology and 3D biometric fingerprint scanner. Lockly is committed to keeping the bad guys out while providing unprecedented access to the right people, at the right time, on the right terms that YOU determine.

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Electronic locks, their differences and advantages.

Ever since the first electronic lock was invented, the prospect of break-ins in conventional doors has been a problem for thieves and scammers. The era of mechanical locks is beginning to become a thing of the past, and modern technologies, with well-thought-out algorithms and innovative solutions, are confidently occupying positions in access and control systems. The reliability of such devices is improving day by day and practically does not give hackers a chance to learn these technologies, therefore, the words reliability and strength begin to acquire new properties. Technological reliability with the maximum number of coding options takes on a truly modern strength.

Electronic locks, their types and purpose.

The use of these electronic locks can be everywhere. The front door, interior door, lockers, windows - all this has already become part of the everyday life improvement. For entrance doors, both usually built-in locks and locks that are simply not visible can be used, but by attaching a card or a special key fob to a hidden device, the lock opens. Thus, our future cracker simply does not know what to work on in this situation. Biometric locks open with a fingerprint, which is completely impossible to fake. There are systems that open along the retina. Modern technologies can notify you of the time of opening and closing doors and send you all the information to your smartphone or computer.

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The 4 Things that We Should Know about the Fingerprint Smart Lock Door

High Security

Because of the system of this lock, a key is unnecessary, because its functionality is in the technical space. This means that stolen or lost keys aren’t a security problem. Without your fingerprint, no one can get into your home.

Sleek Designs

Lockly provides a service wherein you can customize the locks you buy from them, including fingerprint smart locks. For all you San Fran dwellers looking to style your front door, you may ask for designs to accentuate your home.

Hybrid Models

Lockly offers fingerprint smart locks that also have turn-in keyholes if you would like to use something like that. This may work for people that are not very tech-savvy but know a little about technology.

Locks for Hospitality

Because of the remote user management and access control facility, these locks can be used for different customers staying at hotels and bed ‘n breakfasts. The system can be altered by the administrator or head of security.

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